At stud:
AFC/ CH  Auten's Ranger Rudy RJLJ
Ranger was born July 9, 2008, the only O/W male pup in Maggie's litter.  
We named him after his dad and only hoped that he could live up to his
name.  While Ranger's personality is more of a "scamp" than his father, he
is loved by all who meet him including other dogs.  Ranger is a natural
hunter with an outstanding nose and  great style on point. Ranger is also an
outstanding grouse dog.

Ranger finished his AFC title at the Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club on
Feb9, 2012.  He took 2nd out of 20 starters (3 Setters; 4 Vizlas; 6 pointers;
7 Britts

Ranger finished his show title with two 4 point majors finishing on May
28th 2011 in Kalamazoo, MI.   At the age of 3 he was runner-up at the
National Brittany Grouse Championship Oct 2011.
A serious lung infection and subsequent loss of part of his left lung put
Ranger out of commission for quite some time.  Showing he had the heart
to make up for his lost lobe he  added another 3 adult field placements
including an OLGD 1st place in fall of 2013
. We thought he had finished
his dual title but now we find out he still needs 1 open point. We intend to
continue working toward his Dual Champion title  determined to finish him
this spring.

Click here for Ranger's pedigree,     Ranger is OFA Good and
has been  DNA'd.    He was also gene tested normal for
Complement 3 deficiency.  
Ron and Carol Auten   3955 Ray Rd.   Oxford MI 48370
ph: (248) 628-5147                                         cell: (248 736 5400)
Ranger at 6 months
Hunting, campaigning, and breeding Brittanys since 1973
We are dedicated to the dual dog concept (field/show) and have been breeding
to this standard for over 38. years.  We are the breeder or owner of 1 National
Hall of Fame dual champion, 13 field champions,including 8 dual champions
and an additional 64 show champions.  Ideally, we like to see our pups in a
family home that will also hunt.

RANGER at 2 years of age